What do we do after we found a personal trainer?

In a perfect world it would be ideal to have the framework that allows us to access a large number of options and to compare them under the same conditions. As we have seen, it is possible that the coach with the best website and the most attractive is not the best professional, and that someone who does not even have a web, much less Google, is casually the best option in your case. The perfect ring you casually find in a store hidden in an alley and not in the mall. So how can we see all the rings that are on sale, whether in malls, or in hidden tents that we would never find? Is it also possible to compare accordance with strict and objective criteria, beyond all the trimmings and own artifice of marketing that can determine our choice?

The reality is that for some time is not a complicated task. We see it every day in other sectors such as catering (hotels), hotels (booking), travel (kayak), rent and purchase of properties (idealistic), among a long etcetera. These tools allow us a clear, direct, fast, and objectively, to compare aspects as location, price, service, view pictures and, most importantly, the valuation of other customers. In just a few minutes we compared on equal terms a wide range of options and can make an informed and objective decision.

Well, for a little while a year or so there are similar tools in the personal training sector. Most of these options offer, as with some of the directories I mentioned earlier, to register for free to the personal trainer or training center. This makes every professional or installation, regardless of economic ability, can compete on equal terms to convince you that it is your best choice.