Why be personal trainer

Personal trainers are not for everyone, but a coach provides certain benefits that you cannot find when you work on your own. Here we present ten reasons why a personal trainer can be what a client needs…

Personal trainers are not for everyone, but a coach provides certain benefits that you cannot find when you work on your own. Here I present ten reasons why a personal trainer may be what you need.


One of the main reasons why a person can benefit from the services of a personal trainer is that they usually provide the necessary motivation to adjust consistently to a training program. Certified personal trainers can provide structure and also help you develop a level of physical and mental shape that promotes health and improves performance.

There are people who find it difficult to maintain continuity in the aspect of sports training. The most effective coaches in this case are those who travel home or the client’s office. This ensures that you do not miss any training session.

Individualized program

If you have any chronic health condition, injuries or objectives related to training (running a marathon, for example) a personal trainer will work with you and take care of your health (with your doctor) to plan a safe and efficient program that considers these needs and enable you to achieve the objectives.

Personal trainers help you focus on the results and prevent you from wasting your time doing inefficient or unnecessary sessions. A personal trainer has a plan and will help you achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

Improvement of technique and skills

If you practice a specific sport, or visit the gym regularly or even if you have equipment at home, the personal trainer will help improve your skills and technique by showing you how to use the equipment correctly and also by showing you knew training techniques specific to your sport. The coach will incorporate new training techniques into your program so that you can improve not only your strength, endurance, flexibility, body composition, etc. but also your agility and mental focus.

Sometimes there are individuals who decide to practice a sport in order to reach or maintain a certain level of shape, lose weight or participate in amateur competitions. These individuals, opt for the practice of this sport as a means to improve their form, and in reality, nothing is further away than what we would classify as a correct attitude. To practice a sport we must first condition the body so that it can perform and adapt to the stresses it imposes

On the practice of a specific sport. For example, the individual should develop skills such as strength-endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed, power, balance, etc., depending on the essential characteristics of the sport he has chosen.

You are new to exercise or a new sport

If you are a complete beginner or have been disconnected for a long time, the personal trainer is the best you can find. A good trainer will introduce you to very simple and effective routines and will effectively build the work so that before you know it, you have the confidence and knowledge to find the options yourself and decide what is right for you.

Overcome the peaks

Well, you already have a decent enough physical form, but you’ve been stuck in it for many, many years. If you find yourself stuck in the same routine and want to change or move the route to new goals, a personal trainer is the perfect solution. A coach will not only catapult your motivation but also your routines. This will help you to continue with new energies and acquire other visions of daily or weekly training.

Only towards a new adventure

If you finally want to learn all the facets related to the design of your own routines so you do not have to need a personal trainer, you may only need a few months. All the good personal trainers will teach you the foundations to build and modify a program and thus reach the maximum results with autonomy.

In this case, you would not be the first client who is even encouraged to continue their training and experience, they decide to study a fitness or sports monitor course in one of the different disciplines or even become a certified personal trainer.

Working safely

A personal trainer observed your form, posture and after analyzing your vital signs by means of devices or physical tests, can elaborate an objective analysis about your limits and strengths. Many of us will have to ignore or underestimate many of the important signals that our body tries to communicate (this may be one of the reasons why many beginners who join gyms drop out in a few days or weeks or even get injured). Many of these new clients sometimes take their limits in too short a time going through pain and / or inappropriate practices; the great majority leave too soon. As a personal trainer can observe what you are doing while you do it, they can help you to make the effort to be the right one and progress effectively.

Home training

Many personal trainers (especially in capital cities or large cities) make visits to their clients’ homes or offices. If you do not have the interest or are not the type of person who likes to go to a gym, but you find it difficult to know what you have to do or if you have trouble doing it at home, a personal trainer can carry the “fitness” to your own dining room. At home you can do much more exercise than you can imagine.

Lose weight

There are enough reasons to argue that the main reason why people rent the services of a personal trainer is to lose weight, find some muscle tone and get in shape. This happens simply because it actually works. If you have made the decision to eliminate fat and improve the firmness of your body, a coach can help you find the right way to achieve your goal.

Questions for the coach

Before taking the services of a personal trainer we advise the potential client to ask the following questions:

What is your experience and certification?

A qualified personal trainer has acquired solid knowledge in physiology, anatomy, health promotion, athletic training, kinesiology, cineanthropometry, physical assessment or similar fields. You should have first aid and have an updated certification of cardiopulmonary resuscitation as well as a personal trainer certification granted by a highly reputable organization such as the International Personal Trainer Certification (ISSA) that grants the

What is your work policy and procedures?

A personal trainer should have a documented policy detailing their services, cost, cancellations, contract duration and emergency procedures, among others. They should also offer the client a medical consent (form) before they start working with you.

Finally, you should feel comfortable with the coach, his communication style and the expectations of the time you will spend together training. In a first visit, it will offer you several exercise options and ask you which are the most attractive to practice. A personal trainer who has practiced athletics for many years may invite you to run, one who has played basketball will invite you to perform ball exercises, if you do not like to run or exercise without variety, you may not be the ideal coach for Cover your needs and expectations. Consider the variety and the possibilities of doing activities that are motivating.