How to be a successful personal trainer

Adaptability and Consistency

An adaptable PT who is consistent will stimulate his or her clients on a regular basis. Your client’s will come from many different backgrounds and because of this you need to be able to adapt and become versatile to cater for all types of client’s goals and needs. This is what will make you a quality PT. In addition, most quality trainers know that consistency is the key to success. It is hard for the industry to be deemed creditable if trainers are being inconsistent with their knowledge and practical delivery. Consistency is what motivates and inspires clients with their training.


A PT with a solid knowledge base will always be in demand. As a trainer your knowledge needs to be maintained at least to a minimum standard. The industry can lose credibility when fitness professionals either over or under deliver with their knowledge. As a good trainer, it’s important for you to invest in yourself by continuing to update your knowledge. You may have heard the term ‘cowboy trainers’ being thrown around out industry, and this is because there are trainer out there who are not qualified or giving poor advice as they lack knowledge. Make sure you set aside time and money to invest in your knowledge as this is investing in your career.


Finally a quality PT knows that delivery replication is essential to longevity within the industry. A trainer that provides quality service to all clients contributes to the authentic nature of the industry and will always retain business. When you first start in the industry set up your business systems and get them in play from day one. Once you have finalizedthese systems, no matter where your career takes you, your business systems will follow and you can replicate them to suit.